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I- Ignition

As the winter sets in, the need is for the fire to re-kindle the business opportunities; our ignition portfolio is all that is required for your business to set its glow on to you. Our ignition services include:

  • Product Value Re-Engineering
    You have had a successful product but lately you are facing competitors who are offering similar product at very competitive prices. At times you wonder, “How they are able keep their margins despite the rising costs and at such price levels?” Such situations demand for a product value re-engineering to enhance customer value for the same product. We partner with you to search for a solution of enhancing customer value or reducing the unnecessary flab.
  • Research for New Product Opportunities
    You have been selling the products for a considerable period of time and are successful in defending your markets and margins from competitors; but at times you wonder what could be done to take your business to the next higher level. We research for new product opportunities that can be developed with your area of expertise.
  • Process Management and Improvement
    Alfred Tennyson had once said, “Lest one good custom should corrupt the world.” The processes which have been time tested tend to grow old and need rejuvenation to keep giving us the sweet fruits of success. We partner with you in process management and process improvement studies for your business venture.
  • Employee Induction Program
    You have spent a considerable amount of money in hiring the best of the available talent and yet you feel that the new incumbents need to be inducted within your system. The intricacies of your industry, the basic detailing in terms of the production setup, the operations, the processes, the HR policies and the like need to be explained. We undertake employee induction program for industry to enable you to get the new incumbents ready to deliver results fast.
  • Implementation of Change Management
    “The only thing constant in this world is change”, and yet it the change which is the most resisted by people at large. We help organizations in coping up with changes that come along as they grow and develop from one level to another.
  • Management of Aging Stock
    You have a thriving business, but that part of the stock you had invested is still lying in your warehouse for considerable time, filling up the space and losing value. We can together explore avenues of managing those aging stock to give you the maximum possible returns.
  • Website and Intranet Maintenance
    Your web presence and intranet was an important step in taking your business to the next phase, however there are certain things which need to be updated going by the current changes in the business requirement. We offer our services for Website and Intranet Maintenance for the same.
  • Online and Internet Security
    Significant amount of your business is online and your systems run on the internet. With the boon of the internet comes the dangers of viruses and other internet security aspects for which you can depend on us to ensure a comprehensive online security.
  • Data Security
    You have invested in online portals for your business requirements and want it to be secured against possible competitor hacking and data theft. We develop solutions to combat all the possible online security threats.
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