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SMS Group takes privilege in introducing SAMAGAM, the confluence of job enquiries, products and service providers on a common platform. The North Central part of India is blessed with superior technical & technological skills, handicraft, monuments and rich cultural heritage & history. This part of the country has the highest growth potential. The greatest challenges faced by the region are the lack of opportunities, creditable work avenues and above all competent management acumen.
SAMAGAM is a platform provided for all the opportunities that can be effectively projected and highlighted at the relevant forums. SAMAGAM enlists job enquiries, product manufactures, traders and other service providers under diverse fields to showcase their products and requirements in an open market environment. The SMS Group under its banner would like to encourage the management and technological temper within the area by enlisting the jobs and the service providers and connecting the two so that the two harbor a mutually beneficial relationship.

Samagam Enlisting

  • Any individual, organization can register their services, jobs or products in the relevant category and the same shall be displayed in the appropriate panel.
  • Each of the service categories to be updated at the sole discretion of SAMAGAM and the product quality and service parameters are sole responsibility of the service provider.
  • Each enlisting has to happen through an email verification or physical document as the case may be.
  • SAMAGAM reserves the right to display of any service, product or service provider.
  • Any service seeker, job seeker can close the enquiry at their sole discretion.
  • Any additional information, details if need to be added by the service seeker or job seeker, the same would be displayed at the bottom of the original enquiry.
  • SAMAGAM does not take responsibility for any of the transactions and all the financial transactions are to happen between the parties at their own risks.
  • All services provided shall have to be as per the approved products or services as per the prevailing laws of India.

Samagam Special Service Pack

  • Any SAMAGAM enlisted member can avail the SAMAGAM special services pack.
  • All job enquirers and service seekers become direct clients to SAMAGAM.
  • All job providers, product manufacturers or traders to become direct vendors of SAMAGAM.
  • The services and the job category of the SAMAGAM special service pack would be prominently displayed on the SAMAGAM site.
  • The jobs are them allotted to the sub vendors of SAMAGAM from all the enlisted job providers, product manufacturers, service providers based on the preference of the job enquirers and service seekers.
  • The payment terms and the project / product milestones are to be decided between the two parties and the same information to be uploaded on to SAMAGAM.
  • The extension of the project / product milestone shall be at the discretion of the service seeker.
  • The payments are escrowed as per the project/ product milestones and the service seekers satisfaction.
  • The project / product milestone to start once the payments for the project are received by SAMAGAM from the service seeker.
  • The job quality parameters remain the sole responsibility of the service provider, product manufacturer or trader organization.
  • SAMAGAM acts as an arbitrator between the two parties in case of any dispute.
  • Users rating and reviews would be available for future references after the completion of at least one project.
  • SAMAGAM to charge a transaction fee from both the parties as facilitation service fees.
  • The payments to the registered vendor of SAMAGAM would be after deducting the TDS as per the rules and norms of the Government of India.
  • The decision of SAMAGAM would be final in all respect.


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